ATTENUATOR – 48 steps SERIES type (mechanical)


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Effectively a long chain of resistors whose sum equals the selected impedance. The switch wiper moves through the chain as the volume knob is turned. Like a potentiometer, the input impedance of a series type stepped attenuator remains constant, so the signal source always sees a constant, non varying load.



Switching type: MBB (Make Before Break)
Number of steps: 48
Attenuation range: -60 dB … 0 dB
Attenuation per step: steps 1 to 11 – 2dB, 12 to 48 – 1dB
Contact material: Hard gold
Polished wiper and contact pins
Extremely short signal path
Channel matching: +/-0.1 dB
Resistance: 5K, 10K, 25K, 50K, 100K kOhm
Mechanical life: > 50 000 cycles
CNC machined PA11 aluminium body
Precision ball bearing support
Shaft diameter: 6 mm
Indexing angle: 7,2 deg

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 42 × 52 × 5 mm

Mono, Stereo, Quad, 6-Channels, 8- Channels

Remote control (motor attached)



_, 5 K, 10 K, 24 K, 51 K, 100 K


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3 reviews for ATTENUATOR – 48 steps SERIES type (mechanical)

  1. Maurizio Noto

    Just assembled, it’s way better than previous TKD 2CP-2508 pot.

    Music flows awesome, detailed and airfull.

    A great upgrade indeed and a big surprise.

    Thanks, greetings from Sicily.

  2. Aldo Mari (verified owner)

    I much preferred this attenuator in my passive preamp with Sowter step up. I had previously tried various other potentiometers, including Alps RK27, TKD 2CP2511 (very overrated, IMO), but Khozmo has much more airiness, transparency and a fantastic deep soundstage. Mechanically very precise, very reliable. No noise, pops or clicks.
    Greetings from Italy.

  3. Tom (verified owner)

    I have justed replaced from an alps blue attenuator and the change in terms of sonics and fuctionality is superb!. The sound is clear and open and the stereo image locked perfectly between the speeker as the alps must have been not working evenly I guess. I also think I get more detail but mostly I also enjoy how the pot is working and the 48 step attenuation is a game changer for me.

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