DUALMONO with Input Selector

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Khozmo Passive Preamp DUALMONO with input selector

3 inputs and 2 outputs available. RCA or XLR version.  If you want mixed connectors RCA+XLR select XLR version and by ordering write in comment field your required configuration. Default we make Inputs: 2xXLR + 1xRCA, Outputs: 1xXLR + 1xRCA.

Series manual 48 steps attenuator available.

Optionally you can add OPAMP active stage: https://khozmo.com/product/active-stage-for-khozmo-preamp


Dimensions: W270 L250 H90 mm

Weight: 4 kgs

Includes: Remote and power supply (for remote version)


Khozmo preamps are known for their high-quality audio performance and transparent sound reproduction. Khozmo is a brand that specializes in manufacturing passive preamplifiers using high-quality components and precise engineering techniques.

The sound characteristics of a Khozmo preamp can be described as neutral, detailed, and accurate. Khozmo preamps aim to faithfully reproduce the audio signal without adding any coloration or distortion, allowing the listener to experience the music or sound in its truest form.

One of the key factors contributing to the sound quality of Khozmo preamps is the use of high-quality potentiometers (attenuators). The potentiometer is a critical component in a passive preamp, as it determines the accuracy of volume control and channel balance. Khozmo utilizes high-grade, precision potentiometers that offer excellent tracking and low noise, ensuring smooth and precise volume adjustment without compromising sound quality.

In terms of transparency, Khozmo preamps strive to have minimal impact on the audio signal passing through them. They are designed to preserve the original tonal balance, dynamics, and spatial characteristics of the music or sound recordings. This transparency allows listeners to hear the nuances and details in the audio with clarity and accuracy.

Additionally, Khozmo preamps typically exhibit low distortion characteristics. By minimizing distortion, they ensure that the audio signal remains clean and unaltered, maintaining a high level of fidelity. This results in a more enjoyable listening experience, as the original dynamics and texture of the music are preserved.

The accuracy and detail retrieval of Khozmo preamps contribute to their reputation for providing a highly resolving sound. These preamps excel at reproducing subtle nuances and textures within the music, allowing listeners to hear intricate details that might otherwise be masked or overlooked. The precise soundstage and imaging further enhance the listening experience, as instruments and vocals are accurately positioned within the stereo field, creating a realistic and immersive soundstage.

It’s worth noting that the perception of sound can be subjective, and personal preferences may vary. Some listeners might prefer a slightly warmer or more colored sound, while others appreciate the utmost transparency and accuracy. However, Khozmo preamps have garnered positive reviews and are often praised for their faithful sound reproduction and high-quality performance.

Ultimately, the sound of a Khozmo preamp is characterized by its neutrality, detail retrieval, transparency, and accuracy. These qualities make Khozmo preamps a popular choice among audio enthusiasts who value a clean and unadulterated sound reproduction, allowing them to fully appreciate the intricacies of their favorite music or sound recordings.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg


Chassis color

-, Silver, Black

Knob color

-, Silver, Black

3 reviews for DUALMONO with Input Selector

  1. Tristan van der Linden (verified owner)

    I bought the dual mono RCA pre amplifier and I am very, very content with it. It equals or betters the Linn Kinos system controler (original retail price GBP 4500).
    The amount of detail and the soundstage is amazing. Highly recommended.
    Thanks Arek!

    Tristan van der Linden
    The Netherlands

  2. Richard Kern

    This Dual Mono passive preamp makes my second passive preamp I have purchased from Khozmo Acoustic in the last 12 years.
    The first was in 2012 and the second was in 2020. This newer version is far superior to the first in clarity, detail and transparency.
    The sound stage is wide and deep (depending on your cables and equipment).
    As a side note: My friends ARC Reference 5 preamp failed, and he is using my old Khozmo preamp until his is fixed. He is amazed by its performance.

    Khozmo Acoustic makes the best in affordable preamps, PERIOD.

  3. ronb (verified owner)

    Several months ago I upgraded my front speakers and moved my former front speakers to surrounds. Inasmuch as this move represented a substantial upgrade of my surrounds I sought a solution in utilizing the surrounds for both HT and music. Having a Khozmo Stereo Preamp w/Input Selector in my system I turned to Khozmo and found the perfect solution, the DUALMONO Preamp w/Input Selector. By connecting the DUALMONO inputs 1 and 2 to my Stereo Preamp and AVR respectively the DUALMONO serves as both a preamp and a high-quality source selector with independent volume control of the surround speakers. The Stereo Preamp serves as the master volume control for 4-speaker stereo via OUTPUT 1 to my 2-channel amp and OUTPUT 2 to the DUALMONO which is connected to my 3-channel amp (center speaker connected to AVR pre-out). For HT my AVR serves as the master volume control for both preamps. For HT I set both of the preamp’s volume controls to maximum (0 Ω) and when I’m in the mood for 4-speaker stereo music with a surround effect I am able to easily fine-tune the surrounds via the DUALMONO’s independent volume controls. Not only was the DUALMONO preamp the perfect solution regarding source and volume control but the transparency of Khozmo Acoustic preamps is an added bonus.

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